Japanese kimono: White kimono, Uchikake, Montsuki Haori Hakama

1 White Wushu Phoenix Embroidery Auspicious specification

Shiro-Muku, the most prestigious of all wedding costumes, began as a samurai family wedding costume in the Muromachi period (1336-1573), and its whiteness represents “holiness” as well as the meaning of “being dyed in the family style of the bride-to-be. The white threads are all embroidered with phoenixes, flower patterns, and other auspicious patterns, giving it a luxurious and gorgeous design.

2 Uchikake red with kichijo crane pattern

Luxurious silk Uchikake with a pattern of cranes in dark blue, red, white green, and other colors on a vermilion-red ground, with gold and silver colors.

3 Uchikake pink with peony design

Luxurious and luxurious colorful Uchikake with embroidery and rhinestones on a rare pink fabric. Peony and cherry blossom design.

4 Uchikake (white and pink) with embroidered peacock flower

This uchikake is designed to look like a white kimono with a pink pattern. The sparkle of the stones is also impressive.

5 Hanging fuse, embroidered with a flower pattern

A gorgeous Uchikake with a bright gold base. The beautiful design is richly interspersed with elaborate workmanship at the turn of the pattern.

6 Uchikake purple, flower pattern

Unusual purple velvet Uchikake. Large floral design.

7 Japanese male formal attire

The haori hakama with crest is considered the first formal dress or formal attire for men. A hakama is worn over a long coat of arms with a crest, and a haori coat is attached. Three sizes are available.