Gyoku WeddingParty

今治 少人数婚、家族婚、家族挙式向け披露宴・会食

Gyoku is a facility for weddings, receptions, dinners, photo weddings, pre-weddings, and lodging. Gyoku is larger than the Tokyo Dome and has a garden with a pool and a historical old private house built in the Edo period where Kaishu Katsu stayed. The indoor space is decorated in a modern Japanese style with antiques. The pool in the garden can be used to create a launching ceremony using a boat.

Culinary Image

Amuse Ehime Fresh Kumquat Joule with Campari and Cassis Espuma
Appetizer Canadian Lobster Emancé with Pure White Sauce
Soup Potage of Imabari taro
Fish dish Duet of the day fish and scallops from Imabari
Meat Dishes: Poached Japanese Black Beef Ichibo with vegetables from Taki Matching
Dessert Creme d’Anjou with today’s ice cream in harmony with ice cream

Assorted bread and coffee or tea

※Cuisine changes depending on the season.